We even sing the theme song in trio and call ourselves Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl just for fun.

The lion is supposedly Rose’s pet which is why he follows Steven. The lion produces a sword for combat which commonly goes with a shield. Steven’s weapon is a shield so maybe Rose had a shield that she used with the lion’s sword.

With so many terrible shows churned out to entertain kids, I’d never forgive them if they got rid of this show that actually teaches people about acceptance and flaws and life.

I think of Opal like a nature nymph.

Their fights remind me of the ones I have with my best friend.


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The other gems turn to an energy mass, but Steven stays completely opaque and solid. I’m pretty sure this is due to the fact that Steven is part human. This is even shown in the post about when Pearl got stabbed, that she didn’t bleed, and you said that pretty much the only thing solid about the gems is their gemstone. They are basically energy. So since Steven is part human, he stays solid.

She just has so much love to give!

Like steven universe actually has a meaningful plot you know? All other new CN shows are too silly.